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We are just some crazy humans who love all of the dogs and couldn’t find enough dog themed items. Our dream is to show our dogs the representation they deserve in the home, on adventures and in everyday life! 

To do this we started this site as a multi vendor marketplace so that people like you can find the products they love and sell the items they make. Everything on the site is dog related in some way; whether it be for the dog, their dog room, their house that you are living in, or for you!

Want to become a vendor? DO IT! The community we have established loves seeing new ideas and creations from around the world and we know they will love you! Most of our vendors start out with posting one or two things and once they get a good number of items in their shop we feature them on our socials. This gets you a good following and always sparks new ideas for your future products.

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Our company invests in our vendors products by purchasing a few items each month, then we ship the items in a promobox to our @dogsoneverything pupfluencers to try out! Each shop is responsible for recruiting their own pupfluencers to feature their merch on socials such as instagram and facebook.  


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